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How It All Started

The owner has devoted much of her adult life to rescuing and rehabilitating domestic and wild animals. To enhance her care for them, she trained as a veterinary technician, applying her skills to ensure their well-being.

She furthered her expertise by becoming a Fear Free Certified professional and completing courses in animal psychology and feline behavioral health. Growing up on a ranch, she always had a deep love for animals, finding joy and fulfillment in tending to them.

In 1997, she began pet sitting when a veterinary client needed someone to care for an insulin-dependent diabetic cat during an emergency. She enjoyed the experience so much that she expanded her pet sitting services to others in her community.

She later established TDY Pet Sitting in Killeen, Texas, primarily serving military personnel needing pet care while on duty. Regardless of where life has taken her, she has always been dedicated to caring for pets and providing peace of mind to their owners.

As pet sitting grew more popular, her daughter joined the venture, assisting with visits during busy seasons and helping with administrative tasks and moral support.

We find this work incredibly rewarding and intend to continue as long as there is a need for pet sitters. Our goal is to provide reliable and compassionate care for animals, ensuring their well-being and happiness, which brings joy and purpose to our lives.

The woman owner of the business lounging in floor with a Rottweiler dog


Theresa 'Tess' Webb- FFCP

Animals are fascinating beings with their own little quirks and personalities. Although each are unique, pets are always ready to provide us with unconditional love (well on the condition of a treat or two maybe).


My mission is to give your beloved companion the best care possible, making sure they feel comfortable and content during my visits.​When I take on the role of caring for a pet, they become a part of my extended fur-family. I shower them with genuine love and compassion, treating them as if they were my own adorable bunch. 


By creating a nurturing environment and attending to their every need, I strive to build a bond of trust with each animal in my care. It's an absolute delight to see them thrive and bring happiness to their owners' lives.

A woman lovingly looking at the cat sitting in her lap.

Administrative Assistant / Cat Care Specialist


Since I was a child, I've been helping my mom Tess care for rescued and rehabilitated wildlife as well as domestic animals. Out of all the animals, I find working with cats the most enjoyable.


 I am happily working towards obtaining my veterinary technology certification and eventually pursuing my degree as a licensed veterinarian and hope to one day open my own sliding scale income based practice so no pet has to go without lifesaving care. When it comes to pet sitting, my favorite part is taking care of cats. Although I love all animals, there's something about feline companions that truly captures my heart. Whenever I visit homes for pet sitting, I exclusively focus on taking care of the cats, ensuring they feel safe and loved.​

New Client Discount: Request an account to receive 10% off your first invoice of three or more visits.

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