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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What areas do you service?
    LAPS is currently only providing services within a small area of our location. We do plan on expanding our service area as we become more established and learn the lay of our new home area more. We may also be able to provide services to other nearby surrounding areas, so please contact us to see if we can provide services to your family if you live in an area slightly outside of the shown boundary. The extended area will will be charged a slightly higher fee for all drop-in services.
  • Are you covered by liability insurance?
    Yes we are! We are fully covered and can produce proof of insurance upon request.
  • Do you charge more for weekends or holidays?
    We do not charge extra for weekends, however we do charge extra for major holidays. All services are increased by 25% for the following holidays. New Year's Eve New Year's Day Easter Weekend (Friday through Sunday) Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) Independence Day (July 4th) Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon) Thanksgiving Eve Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day
  • Do you charge extra for additional pets?
    No! Our services are time based and we can discuss how much time will be needed to care for all pets in the home during the initial consultation. For most homes, our value visit or standard visit provides enough time to care for pets and give them some TLC, if you have more pets than the 'usual' home or have farm animals, we will discuss alternate visit lengths and fees at the consultation.
  • Do you administer medications and if so what types of medications do you administer?
    Yes, we are very happy to administer medications of most types. We will administer oral, topical, and injectable medications. We will also provide glucose testing for diabetic pets if requested. At this time we no longer administer subcutaneous fluids, however we do plan on offering this service again in the future. We do not charge extra to give your pets their medication.
  • Do you require a meeting before starting services?
    Yes! Our New Client Consultation allows us to get to know each other, discuss your pet's needs, and ensure we're the right fit. This meeting covers your pet's routines and any special care they require. It is a mandatory first step in becoming part of the Loving Arms family.
  • What kind of animals will you care for?
    If it has fur, feathers, scales, or hooves, chances are we are willing to provide care for your animals. We might draw the line at lions and tigers and bears!
  • Will you visit at the same times every day?
    While we do try to visit at the same times every day, pets and traffic can be unpredictable, so this could put us slightly later or earlier than previous visits. However we do guarantee we will visit within the 'time block' you choose. We schedule visits in blocks and you can request which block you would like. All time blocks (except anytime visit and overnight services) have a 2 to 3 hour range and this means we guarantee your visit will occur sometime within that time range. You will be able to see the time range when selecting a time block.
  • Will you call or text us to let us know you visited and how our pets are doing?
    We do not normally call or text unless there is an emergency or an urgent question that requires an immediate answer. However, we do send a visit report daily that includes photos of your pet through our industry leading app (Time to Pet) and to your email. With our app, you will also be alerted when we arrive to care for your pets in addition to when we send the visit report.
  • What is your preferred method of payment?
    We prefer clients to pay through through their Time to Pet account, however we do offer alternative payment methods such as Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, ApplePay, and of course who does not like cash! If you need to use one of the additional methods, please let us know before invoices are due.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We understand that things happen and trips need to be cancelled from time to time. If you contact us and let us know before the due date on your invoice we will credit any funds you have already paid to your account to use at a later date. We do not give cash refunds or credit reversals. If you cancel after the due date on your invoice, there will be a cancellation fee of 25% of the total. We do not offer any credit for early returns as these dates and times are held specifically for you and cannot be filled.
  • What happens if there is severe weather in our area?
    We always monitor weather conditions closely, especially during colder weather months and will attempt to reach your home if it can be done safely. If it is not possible, we will contact a neighbor designated by you on your client account to check on the pets. A visit may be skipped if it is unsafe to travel, so it is imperative to have a trusted neighbor or someone local that can be called to visit in the event we cannot safely reach your home. We will also make necessary arrangements the evening before in case of unsafe driving conditions, such as placing extra water and food for pets, dripping faucets, or if necessary, taking the pet to your vet or a friend for overnight care, especially if strict medication routines cannot be skipped. For emergency reasons we ask that you have us programmed into your phone's contact list and allow us to break through any DND statuses you may have set while on vacation.
  • I may have a friend or family member stopping by to visit the pets between your visits, is this okay?
    This is considered job sharing and it may void our insurance while performing services for you. We do not expressly state that it is prohibited, but you must notify us if anyone else will be entering the home while you have services scheduled with us, this includes repairmen, maid services, family, friends, or any other individual that is not a representative of Loving Arms Pet Sitting. If any pets in the home require routine maintenance medications such as insulin, thyroid, or heart medications that we will be administering, it is imperative that you inform any family or friends to NOT administer medications if they visit. If your pet takes a PRN (as needed) medication for pain or anxiety and your guest feels like they absolutely need it, they are to call you for instructions and you must call AND message us through your time to pet account (for the written log for liability reasons) to inform us of any PRN meds given in our absence. We keep detailed medication logs and need to enter this in our logs to avoid any accidental overdosing. You may be required to sign a form stating that you are aware other persons entering the home may void any liability coverage carried by Loving Arms Pet Sitting.

New Client Discount: Request an account to receive 10% off your first invoice of three or more visits.

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