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Value Visit

Couch Cat Under Blanket

Value Visit - $15.00

What is included?

  • Feeding and Watering: We'll make sure your pets have fresh food and water, following your specific instructions to keep their tummies satisfied and hydrated.

  • Quick Potty Breaks: For dogs, we'll take them out for a short walk or a potty break, giving them a chance to relieve themselves and stretch their legs.

  • Litter Box Maintenance: For our feline friends, we’ll scoop the litter box, ensuring it’s clean and pleasant for them.

  • Pet Waste Removal: We will always cleanup pet waste in your yard or designated areas that occurs during our visits. We do ask that you perform an initial clean-up of pet waste before we begin services, because we are not equipped to handle full yard pet waste removal.

  • Wellness Checks: We'll perform a quick wellness check, looking for any signs of distress or illness. If you have an extremely shy kitty we may not be able to perform this check.

  • Medication Administration: If your pet needs medication, we can administer it as directed, ensuring their health needs are met.

  • Report sent via Time To Pet our industry leading software at the end of every visit detailing how the visit went and we always includes photos of your pet

What’s Not Included? While our Value Visit covers the essential needs, there are a few tasks that we don’t include in this service:

  • Plant care

  • Mail retrieval

  • Trash day service

  • Extended playtime or socialization

Who is This Service Best For? Our Value Visit is ideal for:

  • Shy Cats: For cats who prefer a quieter and shorter interaction, this visit ensures they get the care they need without the stress of a longer visit.

  • Quick Potty Breaks: If your dog just needs a quick break during the day, this is a great option to make sure they’re comfortable until you return.

For More Social Pets or Homes that Need Additional Attention:

If you have a more social pet that thrives on interaction and play, or if your pet has additional needs that require more time, we recommend considering one of our longer visit services. These provide more opportunities for playtime, socialization, and additional care tasks to keep your pets happy and engaged. Additionally, if you have houseplants you would like us to water, or other home tasks, one of our longer services are required.


All visits performed during major holidays are charged at a 25% higher rate.

New Client Discount: Request an account to receive 10% off your first invoice of three or more visits.

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