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Vacation Pet Sitting

New Client Consultation

20-30 minutes

At Loving Arms Pet Sitting, building trust with you and your pets is our priority. Our New Client Consultation allows us to get to know each other, discuss your pet's needs, and ensure we're the right fit. This meeting covers your pet's routines and any special care they require.

Due to an increase in pet parents interviewing multiple pet sitters, we now charge a consultation fee to cover our time and mileage. If you choose our services, this fee will be credited to your first invoice.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets and providing loving, professional care.

Value Visit

10-15 minute visit

Our value visit caters specifically to shy cats who may feel uneasy with unfamiliar visitors in their home. Additionally, it serves as a convenient option for quick potty breaks for dogs.

During the value visit for cats, our meticulous care includes litter box maintenance, feeding, and refreshing water.

For dogs, the visit allows for a brief outdoor break to attend to their bathroom needs, and ensuring there is fresh water.


For more social pets who may require extra interaction, please refer to the standard visit.

Standard Visit

20-30 minute  visit

This visit caters to all the needs of most pets. We will provide all the essential care, such as feeding, refreshing water, administering medication, and outside potty-time for dogs. 

During our visit we also provide playtime and enrichment activities for pets who enjoy the extra attention and of course lots of TLC! 

If you have small caged pets, such as hamsters, gerbils, or rats, interactions are based on their social level and will happily provide handling at your request. We will change bedding once a week if requested. If you prefer more often please refer to our 
extra services

There is a 50% increase in all fees for all holiday services.
All visits outside of our service area will incur a $7.00 travel fee

When your family goes on vacation, we'll take care of your pets so you can enjoy your time away, knowing they're in good hands. Here's what you can expect from Loving Arms Pet Sitting:

  • We'll stick to your pet's regular diet and feeding schedule.

  • We'll always clean and refill their food and water bowls.

  • We'll make sure they're not exposed to illnesses from other animals.

  • We'll provide any necessary medications, vitamins, or special care.

  • If your pet gets sick, we'll arrange for medical treatment.

  • Dogs will have outdoor potty breaks and playtime, along with enrichment activities.

  • We will always reinforce any training you use for your dog, and we are happy to use your commands.

  • We'll spend quality time cuddling with your pets that desire or tolerate the attention.

  • For cats, we'll maintain their litter boxes during each visit.

  • We'll also perform a daily home security check.

  • If requested, we can turn on lights or sound equipment to create the feeling of someone being home.

  • We'll collect mail if requested and always bring in newspapers or packages left at the door.

  • On your regular trash pick-up day, we'll take out and bring up your garbage bin.

  • You'll receive daily updates and photos of your pets.

  • If you have any special requests, just let us know! We're happy to accommodate whenever possible.

puppy sticking out his tongue
Small rabbit nibbling on grass
Gray kitten laying on floor
red hens
Australian Shepherd
Black guinea pig in a cage with straw bedding
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