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Comprehensive Visit

Older woman giving nose kisses to an older Basset Hound who is missing an eye.

Comprehensive Visit - $35.00

This service builds upon our popular Stand Visit, providing additional time to ensure every pet and household task is thoroughly attended to. The Comprehensive Visit service is perfect for pets that need more one-on-one time, whether due to their personality, age, or special needs. This service also suits households with a larger number of pets, ensuring every animal receives individual attention and care. We take the time to get to know your pets and their routines, making sure they feel loved and cared for while you're away.

Extensive Pet Care
Your pets will receive all the love and care they need, with extra time dedicated to ensuring their happiness and well-being. Here are the pet care tasks included in our Comprehensive Visit service:

  • Feeding: We make sure your pets are fed according to their specific dietary needs and schedules.

  • Refreshing Water: Fresh, clean water is always available for your pets.

  • Playtime and Exercise: Extended playtime and exercise sessions to keep your pets active and engaged.

  • Litter Box Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of litter boxes for a clean and comfortable environment.

  • Pet Waste Cleanup: Timely cleanup of pet waste in your yard or designated areas. We do ask that you perform an initial clean-up before we begin services, because we are not equipped to handle full yard pet waste removal

  • Medications: Safe and efficient administration of any required medications, ensuring your pet’s health and well-being.

  • Grooming: On request we provide basic grooming tasks such as brushing and light cleaning to keep your pets looking their best.

  • Report sent via Time To Pet our industry leading software at the end of every visit detailing how the visit went and we always includes photos of your pet


Enhanced Home Care

In addition to thorough pet care, our Comprehensive Visit includes extra time for home care tasks, ensuring every detail is taken care of:

  • Plant Care: We'll water your plants and make sure they receive the attention they need to thrive.

  • Mail Retrieval: No need to worry about your mailbox overflowing. We'll bring in your mail daily and ensure it's kept safe.

  • Trash Services: We'll set out your trash on designated days, so you don't have to worry about missing collection day.

  • Home Security Checks: Extra time allows us to perform detailed security checks around your home, ensuring everything is safe and secure.


All visits performed during major holidays are charged at a 25% higher rate.

New Client Discount: Request an account to receive 10% off your first invoice of three or more visits.

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